Why B2B marketing?

Because it solidifies your business relationships for the long term. 

 Good B2B marketing can transform leads into long-term clients who are informed and mobilized. It’s the kind of marketing that provides companies with concrete solutions to problems they’re looking to overcome. In other words, it’s the solution when you want to stand out and create business relationships that are built to last.

That said, living in an era of big technological disruptions means you can’t improvise B2B marketing. The path your potential clients take to get to you is often long and riddled with obstacles—especially when you add your competition into the mix.

To find your way out of the maze, you need to stay up to date and create added-value content for companies. Some 67% of B2B clients say that pertinent marketing content is the key criteria they look for when choosing a product or service.

Discover why B2B marketing is the best way to attract expert buyers and reach your business goals.


Source: The Digital Sales Institute, 2019


Why B2B marketing?

Because you’ll have all the equipment you need to run the b2b marathon.

B2B marketing favours digital word of mouth. And since 89% of B2B buyers use the web to search for goods and services, you need to be where they can find you. If you’re not in the top search results, your competition may well be getting to your potential clients first.

Make no mistake: B2B marketing is essential if you want to stand out. And rest assured it also comes with plenty of benefits:

These are all welcome benefits if, of course, you’re working with the right partners. The B2B marketing world changes constantly, and you need to say up to date if you want to remain competitive.

Source: Think with Google, 2015


Why B2B marketing?

Because it opens up a whole new world of possibilities

Evolution is just another way of saying new opportunities. And that’s exactly what B2B marketing will do for you.

Over time, B2B strategies have become more and more accessible and are deployed in a range different ways. With so many channels, technologies, marketing strategies, and digital systems to choose from, it’s hard to even know where to start.

How do you deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time, through the right channel? By:

There is a B2B marketing strategy for every company. Do you know which one works best for you?

Source: Content Marketing Institute, 2017


How do I build the right marketing strategy for my company?

We can’t emphasize it enough: you can’t just improvise when it comes to B2B marketing.
Creating relationships that last and conquering new markets require a turnkey global strategy for the short, medium, and long term.

Here are the key steps to marketing success:

A good marketing partner will put the right tools into place to help you better understand your competition and the commercial environment you’re working in. This first step will enable you to capitalize on current and future opportunities in your market. You can then focus on your strengths, follow your growth, and improve customer experience.

Once you’ve analyzed your marketing, you need to put it into place!

We will help you to position your company in order to align your activities with your goals. The result? A strategy that’s targeted and personalized—based on your company’s reality.

Now it’s time to transform your strategies into marketing activities. This is how you define the key guidelines, goals, predictions, priorities, and KPIs that you will use to measure activity results.

Action! It’s now time to get your B2B marketing strategy up and running.

Digital strategies, branding, customer satisfaction surveys, training… There are a hundred and one ways to steer your SME to where you want it to go.

With the best B2B partners, you’ll know just how to adjust your strategy proactively based on the best KPIs.


Work with the specialists

We’re the key to success for sme b2b marketing

Too many SMEs do not employ the people they need to manage their B2B marketing strategy.

If you don’t have a dedicated marketing department, an external expert is an ideal solution to your company’s lack of resources.

No matter how much experience they have or how hard they work, your sales manager is simply not the best person for the job when it comes to managing your company’s B2B marketing—especially when time is of the essence!

Entrusting a strategic partner with your marketing also enables you to concentrate on what you do best.

Working with THÈM marketing means:


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