Marketing strategy



Strategic planning

Working as a team, let’s determine where you want to take your business in the short, medium and long term, and how to successfully get there.

Our Business Model Canvas, Why and Plan de Vol workshops

Our collaborative workshops allow you to refocus your marketing and business strategies on your mission, vision and values to ensure that you remain consistent in every step you take. In addition, we help your teams and management take the time to build a solid foundation with input from ideas from all team members.

Definition of positioning

Decide on the place to occupy in the minds of your customers and prospects and align your offer in the face of competition.

Marketing and communications plan (Plan de Vol)

Plan the actions to be implemented to ensure your investments are profitable, and stay focused on your objectives.

Customer targeting

We help you create your image with the best potential for your products and services!

Marketing budget

We help you draw up your budget according to the actions to be implemented and the anticipated returns, according to your annual sales, the level of maturity of your company, your markets and your objectives.


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